Modernisation of machines

In many cases the mechanism of older machines is still in a very good condition, but the control and other electrical components are out of date or obsolete. Failures and spare part problems occur more and more frequently.


Modernisation of machines - Retrofit - is here the magic word to give these machines a "second life". They will become reliable and more accurately again. Their efficiency can be raised substantially




  • Increase of the production performance
  • Increased system reliability
  • Adaptation to current standards of workplace safety
  • Long-term available spare parts
  • Saving of energy, e.g. by the employment of frequency transformers of electrical drives
  • Increased flexibility thanks to compatibility with cutting-edge system networking
  • Integration of older systems into the modern production infrastructure

We offer you:

  • Retrofitting in automation technology, e.g. pc-based CNC controls
  • Custom made modernising of your CNC tooling machine.
  • CNC software to cover all technologies, like, for example, laser/water jet working, punching / nibbling, milling, high-speed tooling, measuring, 5 axis tooling with real-time transformation, gear grinding and so on.


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