The new
IBH-CNCore 9005

IBH-CNCore 9005

Passion for Performance

The new IBH CNCore 9005 is a PC-based CNC controller for machine tools and automation systems.


The performance of this latest PC-based IBH controller allows it to control machining processes reliably and model and implement process chains for Industry 4.0. Thanks to its open system, the IBH CNCore 9005 can be integrated simply and flexibly into existing and new manufacturing areas.

The IBH CNCore 9005 sets benchmarks even in its equipment level, giving users performance and application freedom in a wide range of areas.

The IBH CNCore 9005 is powered by the latest generation Intel® Core i3 processor. That means it can handle anything from conventional 2D applications to complex axis transformations – and it can do so at an ultra-precise performance level.


The IBH CNCore 9005 is the latest generation of IBH controller and the next logical step from the popular macro 8000 series.

The IBH CNCore series unites more than 30 years of CNC and system integration experience. Its hardware and software are perfectly balanced, which means the IBH CNCore 9005 is a complete package which encompasses and simplifies the tasks of system integration.

IBH Automation always focuses on the best way to achieve system integration. That’s why the unique IBH Compile cycles developed by IBH allow customers to incorporate their own software developments in C++.
Applications are established and put into operation using the IBH eTool.

A consequence of experience and innovation: almost all of the technologies in modern machine tools and automation systems can be controlled using IBH CNCs.


It’s not just the performance of the IBH CNCore 9005 that persuades people to use it, it’s the quality of the hardware.

IBH Automation places lots of emphasis on tough, long-lasting hardware components. This workmanship helps IBH CNCs go on and on working without problems, and ensures systems remain efficient and sustainable for a long time.

Businesses, machine tool manufacturers and users often ask how easy it will be to upgrade and retrofit devices. IBH Automation has the answer with its IBH extension and IBH I/O modules.


Modern controllers need more and more performance to tackle Industry 4.0 projects.

Everyone’s talking about Industry 4.0, but what role does a CNC and its integration play? An open system like the IBH CNCore 9005’s is needed to model a process chain quickly and flexibly. IBH Automation/Kornwestheim is an experienced system supplier who can act as an important partner when it comes to getting technology, products and – very importantly – service going in the right direction and considering it as part of the bigger picture. Decades of experience in conventional and modern technologies is just as important as experience in unusual applications in which CNC systems have been established selectively and integral systems set up.



  • Sercos III Master (based on the Open Source Common SERCOS Master API)
  • Intel ® Core i3 processor (latest generation)
  • SSD – solid-state-drive
  • eTool (IBH commissioning tool)
  • Expansion modules (extension-modules and I/O modules)


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