Two components form a perfect unit

For almost every area of automation IBH offers the suitable CNC software and hardware for standard applications. If something is missed it may be developed for OEMs or customized by themselves. In this way a sustainable and forward-looking technology is generated in cooperation with the IBH customers. Our CNC controls are continuously developed further and comply with the state of the art. With our products, our customers are always one step ahead.

We are so successful with our control technology because we have a really open control concept, which allows intervention in the hardware and software in almost every way.

The PC-based CNC control is a truly “open” system, which adapts itself to the continuously increasing automation tasks. By applying a PCI module and CNC software, the industrial PC becomes a productive CNC control. This CNC uses the processor performance of the industrial PC. This means that at today real-time problems may be solved by means of cost-effective standard hardware platforms, for which proprietary systems were needed earlier.

This is not only by far more cost, but these “open” systems also allow to be integrated much easier into complete systems and may be adaptable to specific tasks very efficiently.

By applying the operating system WINDOWS© XP, WINDOWS© XP Embedded and WINDOWS© XP the wellknown PC advantages are available to the user.

Our CNC software covers all technologies, for example, laser / water jet working, punching / nibbling, milling, high-speedmilling, measuring, 5 axis tooling with real-time transformation etc. In all cases that our customer needs a special CNC function which is not yet available, we can implement those functions very cost effective by means of our compiled cycle technology.

Compiled cycles allow customer induced modifications of the real time kernel of the CNC either developed by the customer itself in C++ or by us for the customer.


The drive interface may be realised digitally through SERCOS, analogue ± 10V, or by pulse / direction for stepping motor units.

Various machine concepts may be implemented easily with our modular hardware, and allow to be adapted to almost all processing technologies.

Cusomized HMI's may be created in various way in short times.

All the CNCs ware are offering to our customers, are complete systems, they have the necessary components to its operation, programming and visualization.

Our CNC-Systems pass strict system tests before delivery to guaranty high quality.

As supplier of controls, we become more and more a supplier of complete systems.

That means that IBH also supplies the drives and motors, beside the CNC control.

Beside a rich know-how and remarkable reliability, our adherence to schedules is always guaranteed.


The complete satisfaction of our customers is always in the focus of our work.


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